Date: 2013
Organization: ACDI/VOCA
Location: Washington, DC
Timeline: 2 months
Role: Project Manager
In coordination with our website's new design, we redesigned the e-newsletter to fit the new visual identity and better serve our audience's needs.
The e-newsletter was sent out every two months. The design was dated, not optimized for use on mobile devices, and difficult to produce. The organization needed an e-newsletter that would meet the needs of the increasing number of audience members that read its content on mobile devices and reflect the myriad of resources and channels that the organization had available.
I looked at other e-newsletters in our industry, analyzed how our e-newsletter readers and website visitors navigated our content, and developed a new template from the information I gathered. I made an HTML and CSS design that was easy to produce each month and worked well with various email services.
This new design made the e-newsletter more efficient, allowing us to double the number of publications per year. I cleaned up our e-newsletter list, recovering over 2,000 email addresses that were previously undeliverable due to faulty database entries.

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