Date: 2013
Organization: ACDI/VOCA
Location: Washington, DC; International
Timeline: 1 year
Role: Project Manager
Building upon a record-setting social media success, I managed a multimedia project that celebrated the organization's 50th anniversary with staff and constituent testimonials from around the world.
ACDI/VOCA wanted to celebrate it's 50th anniversary in a big way, including first-person accounts of the ways that the organization changed lives around the world. This needed to be something that all of the international field offices could participate in, and the finished content needed to be something that people would be excited to engage with and share.
For ACDI/VOCA's 49th anniversary, I developed an interactive campaign under very short notice. With only a few days to organize, the campaign became our largest Facebook success by far. Since this was so successful, we decided to replicate the project on a larger scale.
We received testimonials from staff members and constituents from around the world. We created a multimedia gallery of audio, photos, and video to celebrate 50 years of the organization's work. The gallery received high website traffic.

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